About Proclaim Media


Proclaim Media is Singapore’s first independent not-for-profit Catholic media outlet set up to bring about a renewal of the Catholic Faith in Singapore. Its main goals are to make good Catholics better equipped to share their faith, to bring about a fresh interest in the Faith to disconnected Catholics, and to introduce Catholicism to other Christians and people of other or no faith, to provide a proper understanding of the Catholic Faith.

Set up with the long-term vision of creating a renewed interest of the faith among the faithful by providing means and resources for Catholics to strengthen their faith, Proclaim sees the urgent duty, not just of consecrated clergy and religious, but also the lay faithful, to spread the Gospel message around the world, beginning in Singapore, so that all hear the Good News. The Church encourages the faithful to take initiatives in the spreading of the faith all over the world (Cans. 215, 216), and Proclaim strives to make that reach in a bold but peaceful way, engaging its target audiences by interaction, entertainment and education. In fact, it is our belief that providing a clear understanding of the Catholic Faith in Singapore strengthens religious harmony, one of the pillars of Singapore’s National Defence strategy. In a multi-religious society, few people understand each other’s faith, even though students are encouraged to understand the many religions here.

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