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Prayer of Consecration of the Archdiocese of Singapore to Mary, Star of the New Evangelisation

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Most holy virgin Mary, Mother of Christ,
We praise and thank God for His mighty works in you.
O Blessed Mother, Star of the New Evangelisation;
we consecrate the New Evangelisation for Singapore
to your Most Immaculate Heart
and implore your intercession
for a mighty renewal of the Catholic Church in Singapore.
We entrust to you all priests, religious and laity.
Guide our leaders to imitate your humility and obedience to God
and to be docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

May all hearts be converted and re-ignited with love for Christ
and inflamed with evangelical zeal,
so as to bear witness to God’s loving salvation.
Mary, Mother of the Church,
unite us with the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
to be a people of communion in mission.
May your constant love and guidance be the light of refuge
that leads us to your son, Jesus.
Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God,
that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


About the icon

Br Claude Lane OSB
Mount Angel Abbey, Saint Benedict, OR, USA

Looking on the icon of Mary, Star of Evangelisation, we see three dominate images Mary, the Star of Bethlehem and the almond shaped background. As one contemplates the icon consider the image from three hills or three levels:
  • The image is rooted in scripture. In the Gospel of St Luke, Mary, pregnant with Our Lord “rises and goes to the hill country” (Lk 1:39) to visit her kinswoman Elizabeth. This is the first evangelisation journey . Mary brings the Word of God, flesh incarnate, to her cousin. Elizabeth is pregnant with John the Baptist, the one who goes before him;
  • Mary comes to the new world as Our Lady of Guadalupe and appears on the hill at Tepejac to St Juan Diego, a member of the indigenous people. This appearance is truly a sign of evangelisation in the Americas. It was one of the most incredible conversions in the church. The conversion of the whole country of Mexico began after her apparition in 1531;
  • Mary, daughter of Zion - out of Zion will come forth blessing and refreshment. God’s Word will come from the hill of Zion. We are evangelised through the Word so we in turn can evangelise.

On Mary:
  • The Stance - Mary stands with her hands in the position of prayer.
  • The Veil - Traditionally icons clothe Mary in a mulberry, dark red outer garment. That color is not used here, nor is she wearing dark blue. Instead Mary’s garment is a turquoise green. God chose this garment color when He made her appear on the cloak of Guadalupe. In iconography, turquoise green is the color of the Holy Spirit, so Mary is veiled in the Holy Spirit, the principle agent of evangelisation.
  • The Robe - The garment underneath is sort of rose in color, not necessarily red. Icon writers to identify God the Father use the rose color. So Mary also puts on the color of God the Father.
  • “Mandola” or Almond Shape - This symbolises the rending of two realities - the spiritual and the corporal - and opens up the heavenly realm. It literally is pulling apart. The background is dark because it represents the uncreated light and the spiritual light that is in the invisible world. The spiritual light is so bright that it is not really perceivable to our eyes - to us it would be darkness. Through Mary’s intercession the uncreated light is becoming visible to our eyes. The blues get lighter.
  • Greek letters to the left and right of Mary’s halo - These proclaim the title used in all traditional Marian icons - Mary, God bearing or Mother of God (Theotokos).
Icon originally commissioned by the Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon.